Why a group ?

Groupauto Polska was created in 1999 as a platform of common purchase and marketing policy for parts distributors oriented on servicing local markets, and as such has become an official Polish member of Groupauto International.

Currently GP is formed by 11 companies:

  • AUTOPARTNER - Gdańsk,
  • AUTORAK - Koprzywnica,
  • AUTO ZATOKA - Wrocław,
  • BHMD - Warszawa,
  • GORDON - Zamość k/Bydgoszczy
  • EDPOL - Częstochowa,
  • E-MOTO Wrocław,
  • MOTOROL - Kraków,
  • RODON - Leszno,
  • DBK PARTS - Olsztyn,
  • OPOLTRANS - Opole

Some facts in numbers:
The Group runs 267 sales points across Poland, with total sales and warehouse facilities of  125.000 sq meters, and 3450 employees.
The 2017 turnover is supposed to exceed 550 mln euro.
GA Polska is developing in Poland the Eurogarage concept, launched under the name of Eurowarsztat, with 200 members acress Poland.

Our strategy:
The current and future growth of Grupauto Polska is based on the rapid development of present members, as well as acquiring new independent companies into the Group.

Our Philospohy:
NEVER ONE, NEVER ALL This means for a given product line, GAU International never selects one single parts supplier but also never all of them, thus reinforcing partnership and competition.

CROSS FERTILIZATION Each nation member can learn from others. With a group of that size, there are always new initiatives to be shared and put to the service of all. GA International initiates the cross contribution of various competences and experiments of several different nation group members along with their preferred suppliers.

BUSINESS IS PEOPLE Twenty first century means Internet, Intranet, Electronic Data Interchange, mobile phone, lap top computers, Interactive CD Rom, etc., but nothing will replace direct contact between individuals.
That is why GA International organizes frequent meetings between nation members and yearly congress open to Suppliers Partners and Distributors.